Preventative dentistry

At Brunswick Court Dental Practice we believe in preventing problems rather than just treating them as they occur. We are committed to offering all our patients the best oral healthcare advice on an ongoing basis, encouraging you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We believe that your visit to our practice should be as relaxed and as pleasant as possible and our friendly staff are committed to providing the highest quality dental care. We understand that the relationship you have with your dentist is an important one and this is why we value that relationship with each of our patients.

Routine checks

We always recommend regular 6 monthly check ups. As part of your examination and assessment, we carefully screen the soft tissues and carry out a detailed oral cancer check. We always discuss your concerns in detail with you, including anything you would like to improve about the appearance of your teeth. We encourage good oral hygiene as this is essential to avoiding dental disease, the two main causes of tooth loss being decay and gum disease.

Alan M from Southwick

October 2011

"If anyone ever asks me about having dental implants, I would certainly recommend Barry Tibbott. At no time have I felt that I was receiving anything but a first class service. Barry’s skill and years of experience of dental implants filled me with confidence. The end result is truly pleasing and I am looking forward to sampling a variety of foods that I have avoided in the past."

Periodontal (gum) disease

The early signs of gum disease are bleeding gums. They may also look red and swollen. This is known as gingivitis and can often be cured simply with good oral hygiene and maybe a scale and polish. As the disease progresses the tissues holding the teeth in place start to break down and pockets form around the teeth. If this becomes more severe the teeth become loose and painful. It is always best to catch the early signs of disease and a scale and polish can be carried out as part of your regular check up and assessment.

Oral hygiene and dietary advice

This is specifically tailored to each individual and monitored and reassessed at regular intervals. We are aware that due to pressures of a busy lifestyle it is not always possible to follow dental advice to the letter and we offer ongoing support and assistance.

Intravenous sedation

At Brunswick Court Dental Practice, we offer intravenous sedation when required. We understand the difficulties that some people face when visiting the dentist and treat all phobias with compassion and care. We work together with all our nervous patients to find the best solution for each, so don't be scared. For some that may simply be our understanding and care, as we listen to and respond to their fears. We are always happy to talk through any such concerns before any work begins, fully explaining the options, including intravenous sedation.

White fillings

Amalgam free fillings (containing no mercury) are becoming more and more popular for health as well as cosmetic reasons. We offer a wide range of white mercury free materials, each suitable in different circumstances to replace your old silver amalgam fillings. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this option further with you.


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