Cosmetic Dentistry

With over 30 years experience in cosmetic dentistry, using advanced techniques and up to the minute technology and equipment, we can improve your smile in the best way possible. Just ask us how!


Veneers are a thin layer of tooth coloured material, usually made of porcelain and individually made to fit over the front surface of a tooth. With veneers we can improve the shape, colour and position of your tooth and match it to the adjacent tooth or we can lighten and improve the appearance of your front teeth. Veneers can also be used to close small gaps or straighten a slightly crooked tooth when orthodontics is not suitable.

Cosmetic bonding

Bonding can be used in some cases to reshape individual teeth, close very small gaps and repair any slight defects such as chipped teeth. We chose a composite material to match the colour and translucency of your natural tooth.

Ceramic inlays and onlays

These are strong tooth coloured porcelain fillings which are bonded into or over a broken-down tooth. They are much stronger than the composite white filling materials used in earlier cosmetic dentistry and are less destructive than full crowns. Our technician makes the ceramic inlay under a microscope to ensure a perfect fit and then the inlay is cemented onto the tooth.

Tooth whitening

Mrs A C from Brighton

October 2011

"Barry was recommended to me by a work colleague who thought highly of him. He has shown total professionalism with the utmost kindness, tolerance and care and he fulfilled his objective of making it possible for me to ‘eat a steak without thinking about it’ and smile broadly about the achievement."

'zoom' in surgery whitening

This in-surgery procedure provides an instant solution for whitening your teeth. Using stronger whitening chemicals than the home whitening solution, these chemicals are activated with a plasma light and the whole process takes just over an hour. Although in cosmetic dentistry this is a quick solution, the results may in some cases not be as long lasting as those produced with home whitening, and topping up procedures may be required.

home whitening

In this whitening option, we construct specially made, accurately fitting trays in which to put the gel. The trays are then worn in your mouth for around one hour per day (or overnight). This is a painless, non evasive process. The teeth are gradually and gently whitened to the desired shade. This process usually takes from 14 to 20 applications, but can take longer for grey or tetracycline-stained teeth. A review appointment is made to check the result after about 3 weeks. These trays are then yours to keep, so that periodic whitening can be carried out whenever required.

enlighten whitening

This is a special two stage whitening system where we use specially designed trays for home whitening followed by a deep bleaching session in the surgery. This process will guarantee much whiter teeth.


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